2022: The End of Tolerating Anti-Female Bias

If it Needs to be Said, Women Will Say It

Notes from the era of female erasure…… Pregnancy is a whole-body experience and should be honored as such. Pregnancy, delivering a child, ….changes both you and your body forever. I don’t know how y’all have conversations with people who believe your words of disagreement with their words are potentially deadly. Conversations with people who think […]

In order to end prejudice against people born female, we have to call it out using clear and precise language:

Male Violence

Male violence against women

Male violence against girls

Male Domination

Male terrorism

Male on Female Violence

Dear Charitable Organizations, People Are Being MURDERED

This new trend of previously reputable charitable organizations exaggerating and telling outright lies about the scope of violence and abuse must end now! Recently UN Women posted this tweet: “Trans women” are four times more likely to experience violence than “cisgendered” people?????? Where? Since when? NOTE: Commenters to this tweet requested transparency. A link? A […]

Anti-Female/Intentionally Anti-Female

Bias against people born female

Discrimination against people born female

Threats against people born female

Violence against people born female

Women Who Disagree with Males Have ALWAYS Been Villainized: Black Women

The villainization and blacklisting of powerful women who simply disagree with males are not new. It’s just new to certain groups of women. Here’s a list of powerful Black women who publically verbalized their disagreement with males and were villainized, run off to other countries, and blacklisted. Disagreeing with males has had career-ending & deadly […]


How does this keep females safe?

How does this keep the 51% of the global population who was born female safe?

How does this keep:

….young females safe?

….elderly females safe?

….minority/minoritized females safe?

….Black/Asian/Indigenous/ females safe?

….females who can barely afford this safe?

….non-native English speakers safe?

….females in recovery safe?

…..females caring for children/adults safe?

….religious females safe??

….vulnerable females safe?

….females with disabilities safe?

True Crime. True Horror. Violence Against Women and Girls (video)

True Crime. True Horror. Violence Against Women and GirlsGlobal statistics on violence against women and girls.Content compilation & video editing: JiveBOOM!Contact Tonya: shorturl.at/ghoN0FOLLOW us on Twitter: @to… Terribly, Terrible Domestic Violence Statistics We MUST Do Something AboutWe Survive Abuse presents, domestic violence statistics that require the attention of the entire public.Content compilation & video editing:…

How does this make females safer?

What is your organizational strategy to keep people born female safe?

How does this make people born female safer?

Have you centered females?

How are you assuring that the voices of people born female are heard/centered?

How can this be worded differently to center females, who after all are the ones impacted by this issue?

Female Rights are Human Rights (video)


How can you make the wording of this more clear so that:

females with disabilities

females who speak other languages

females with limited education opportunities

can understand it?

Who Benefits From the Elimination of Female Safe Spaces (video)

https://youtu.be/Hu8L-I0UQ1I Mississippi man HID in mall bathroom where he RAPED an Oklahoma motherAndrew Malik Jones, 28, reportedly hid in the restroom at the Gulfport Premium Outlets Monday night before raping and assaulting a woman who walked inside and trying to steal her purse. Mississippi Man Brutally Attacked and Raped Woman in Outlet Mall Bathroom: PoliceA…

What is your reporting process for people who are exhibiting anti-female sentiment or hate?

How many individuals who were born females are serving on this policy-making body?

Is your board/policy-making body made up of racially diverse people who were born female? How many? What is it?

How many people who were born female were consulted for this policy/campaign?

Where is your written policy on the handling of bias, discrimination, and threats against people born female?

How does this enhance the health of people born female?

Which females would stand to gain most from this campaign/policy?

Does your company/organization consult with, hire, and pay a fair wage to people born female?

Is ‘Gender Neutral’ the New Word for ‘Anti-Girl’?

A. Pretend that all children are the same? B. Pretend that all children have the same needs? C. Push the girls to mentor, protect, and defend the others? D. Sacrifice the dignity and safety needs of girls? E. None of the above? The correct answer, of course, is E. Then why aren’t we putting (E) […]

Ask all candidates seeking political office: How do you plan on making females safer?

Ask all candidates seeking political office: In what ways will you prioritize the health of people born female?

Ask all candidates seeking political office: How do you plan to bridge the pay gap between people born female and people born male?

Ask all candidates seeking school board membership: How do you plan on making students born female safer?

Ask all considered colleges/universities: How do you plan on making students born female safer?

Before signing up for gym/spa membership: What is your plan to keep people born female safe? Is that in writing?

Hospital room?

Adult home care service?

Department store?


As a female, where/when you are paying money that you worked harder than your male peers who do the same work to earn, ask questions. A lot of them!