About This Blaming Black Women for Violence Against Them


Tis the season for people to blame Black independent, sex-positive, happy, Black women for the violence and abuse perpetrated against them.

Avoid being fooled by ppl who want to make violence against Black women an issue of:

“choosing the right man”

“being modest”

“being silent”

“being less visible”

“being more submissive”

“being more demure”

These things may make less secure men feel better but they ARE NOT the end all be all of safety tips. They do not guarantee ANY girl or woman safety.

This song has been sung all around the world since just after the beginning of time. Throughout that time there have been women who have exercised their right to be all of these things. At once. And none of it stopped them from being whipped, tortured, raped, abused, tortured, set on fire, stabbed, gunned down.

While pregnant. On video. In front of witnesses. In front of their children.

Heck, alongside their children even if they were his children.

It would then stand to reason that women ARE NOT being whipped, tortured, raped, abused, tortured, set on fire, stabbed, and gunned down because they fail to choose the right man and/or remain modest, silent, visible, submissive, and demure.

Violence against women is a global epidemic that gets worse during times of crisis.
(Ex: Around the entire globe, domestic violence has dramatically increased during this pandemic)

It’s embedded in societies.
It’s systemic.

It’s how many Black people knew that the Black mortality rate had everything to do with racism in healthcare and other systems long before the very first study on the issue.

The storm of intersecting oppressions (racism, anti-blackness, sexism, poverty, bigotry); leaves Black women everywhere more vulnerable to both individual and cluster oppressions like rape, violence, abuse, and hate.

If we know that Black people are not to blame for racism and intentionally constructed systems to maintain white supremacy; we are also capable of knowing that Black women are not to blame for intentionally constructed systems to maintain power, control, & abuse against women.

Our thoughts, prayers, solidarity, and protests are with Megan Thee Stallion. The violence against her was not her fault and she did NOTHING to deserve it



Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com

Founder: WESurviveAbuse.com, SurvivorAffirmations.com, BraidtheLadder.org. 29 year professional expert: ending racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.