Is This New “Inclusion” Enforceable on Women Only?


For all the investment in erasing the words “woman and women” in order to be inclusive or something,

There has still been no energy invested towards changing any wording of male health issues. Just strong, sometimes violent, pushes to eliminate the words “women and woman” from health & legal issues that impact females.

Be sparing with your breaths trying to reason with women leading the charge towards erasure.

Having seen the aftermath of women unapologetically setting another woman up for sexual assault…be warned: Never underestimate a woman’s loyalty, dedication, and investment in increasing the vice grip of oppression on all women.

There was a famous case from the late 70s to early 80s where one female hotel worker set up another female hotel worker to be gang-raped by a large group of construction workers staying there. Unfortunately, her rape and murder wasn’t solved for decades. By then all parties were in their senior years.

*I couldn’t find it, my apologies. While looking, I did find search engine references to many cases just like it.

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Just so you know…

People are trying to argue down Jewish folks on antisemitism… Trying to argue down women on womanhood & pregnancy. By the way, This…conditional #listentoBlackwomen and #ProtectBlackWomen …”as long as she says what I want her to say” thing we have going on…must be unlearned.

AND…as a Christian, one-time “church girl”, and even former wife of a pastor for a brief period…. Churches know exactly what a woman is when it comes to oppression & silencing. They’ve always known & they always will know. And continuing to try to argue down Black people on racism & facts from American history. We’ve taken a wrong turn or two.

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Tonya GJ Prince/

Founder:,, 29 year professional expert: ending racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.

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