Take a Look at Who Is Being Killed by Guns

Who needs genocide?

Just give everyone and anyone a gun anytime they want it.

No additional funding for easy access to therapy.

No additional funding for housing.

No additional funding for health care.

No additional funding for life.

No additional funding for domestic violence.

No additional funding for safety.

See, you do not need to start a war on your own soil.

Just give the people easy access to guns.

You do not need to worry about opposition to your genocide.

Just give the people easy access to guns.

While the politicians who put these laws in place and safe in shelter with their access to millions and billions.

Take a look today, and promise yourself that you will not look away.


National Gun Violence Memorial (gunmemorial.org)

BlackGirlTragic.com — Black Women Killed

(Please support gunmemorial.org and Blackgirltragic.com as you are able. People who share truth are silenced.)




Founder: WESurviveAbuse.com, SurvivorAffirmations.com, BraidtheLadder.org. 29 year professional expert: ending racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.

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