19 Signs You May Not Be as Pro-Woman as You Believe You Are

The phenomenally courageous Rosa Parks was as much an advocate/activist for women’s rights and the rights of Black Americans. Rosa Parks: Women’s Rights Activist — ZCenter

Among the most prevailing civil rights issues of our time, is the issue of women’s rights-including our right to bodily autonomy and agency.

1. You call women who express concern about their safety “weak” or “bigots”.

You believe that women and girls pushing for safety and dignity is “unkind.”

2. You think that “What is a woman?” is a ‘question worth exploring’ but not “What is a male?” or “What is gender identity?”

3. You have found yourself believing that the rights of women and girls, especially minoritized women and girls, are something that “we will get to later.”

4. You believe that men are who they say they are AND women are who men say they are.

5. You don’t even ask a large population of women whether they would be okay with you changing the terminology you use around their health & anatomy.

6. You believe that women and girls setting boundaries and dating preferences that exclude either males or male input is “bigotry”.

7. You believe that women & girls who want safe healing spaces that are female-centered and exclude males are “hateful, bigoted.”

8. You don’t believe that women & girls are entitled to words and language that uniquely define & describe

9. Even in a world so obviously filled to the brim with male violence….

You tell women and girls: “That never happens.”

That is, you deny their stories, testimonies, and public records about male violence & abuse.

10. You completely ignore the global femicide crisis and the fact that males are responsible for it.

11. You completely ignore the child abuse crisis and the fact that males are primarily responsible for it.

12. You frequently refer to women as “bitches” “hoes” “c***s” or some other treacherously demeaning slur.

13. You blame acts of male violence on women and girls.

“She should have known better” rather than

<<HE should not have chosen to be violent>>

14. You still blame single motherhood on women without evaluating safety, provision, happiness, and preferences for women.

15. You are silent as you see other women fight for the rights, health, safety, and opportunities of women & girls. Not everyone can speak out online, but everyone can find a way to work for the betterment of women & girls in their community.

16. You don’t listen to or elevate the voices of women and girls around the world. Especially, Black and Brown women & girls. If you only elevate the voices of women online you ignore the digital divide that silences the most marginalized voices.

17. You completely ignore the past and the present to assert the ridiculous notion that Black women were not seen as “women.”

18. You avoid fighting for women & girls Black lives, but join in when the fight for Black lives includes or centers Black males.

19. You avoid fighting for women & girls when you lift your voice at other times for other women & girls.

We can all do more to unlearn the misogyny that we’ve been taught since childhood by a privileged, male-centered society.

If your priority in social issues, family issues, and faith issues is to prioritize the comfort of males over female human beings-you are not pro-woman.

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