What Literature Can Teach Us About Contemporary Self-identity

The award-winning movie, “The Green Book” concerned the Black community. Here was a book that was designed for one purpose, to keep Black people safe in a violently racist country. Alive.

Forget about the true story. Forget about the terror, the justice and accountability that never came, the pain or the massive loss.

Mute that. Forget that. Minimize that.

So far, women have sounded alarms about self-identity because of valid concerns around safety. People mocked, sniggled, and giggled at the notion. Just wait until concerns finally land further along Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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Founder: WESurviveAbuse.com, SurvivorAffirmations.com, BraidtheLadder.org. 29 year professional expert: ending racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.

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